Saturday, March 20, 2010

Postcards from Home

Today, my hubby was in town, and he had a side job to do-so I went along. He is really good friends with a famous local photographer, William Carr and his lovely wife, Victoria. They have a wonderful ranch and run a fantastic photography business. (His postcards are bought and sold around the world). I'm pretty sure you'll recognize his pictures immediately. Really incredible!!
Well, we knocked on their front-door and no one answered. So, we took a stroll over to their gallery:) Way cool place where Mr. Carr creates his photography and frames it. My hubby had to hook up a pipe with an electrical that the frame saw could run. (There's a lot more that goes into creating a portrait than even I realized!). While my hubby was working on the pipe-I got to check out my water-color that Mr. Carr framed for me. I had a white mat put on and a elegant black frame put around a picture...a water-color that I paid someone to paint in 2004 of my precious babies. (It's taken me THIS long to finally get it done-I know, procrastination is my middle name). I'm super glad now-that I did.  This guy only frames the work he usually sells-and I hit the jack pot! 

I also got to hear about their new gallery that will be opening up in Vegas soon. I was invited to see their portfolio and see the places they have traveled to around the world. It was so much like looking through a National Geographic Magazine. They use a high definition camera to capture the colors and intense eye catching imagery. I noticed that their work shop is so clean too (you know how some artwork stirs up dust and particles?  Not theirs-it was immaculate. Kinda of made me more interested in the business. So, I asked as many questions as I could to understand just how one captures nature's scenes with perfect light and color. What makes his work stand out? I think his patience and artistic eye, are able to notice the things we may take for granite...such as the sunrise and sunsets. 
How many people will take a whole day to get up early, drive for hours, return to a perfect spot if there's bad weather, and walk THAT very photo through the costly process of developing, printing, framing and marketing? Not once-but continually. It's the behind the scenes process that gets my questions going. What kind of work is that successful? This kind-for sure.

P.S. There was fire that got out of control last year out in New Harmony-very close to the Carr's ranch. They were so lucky to not have serious damage. Here's a video of how close the blaze came into their area:

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Sounds like a really fun day.