Friday, May 14, 2010

William and Victoria Carr

Today, my hubby came home... and we went out of town to do an electrical job for William Carr again. It was so fantastic-I can hardly contain myself! (Aaaaaa!!!) Why do I love going out there to his home? Well, he's an amazing photographer that owns his own gallery in Las Vegas, and his wife, Victoria, calls my hubby whenever they need an electrician. The first time my hubby came home from working at his house...he was carrying this picture with him...
We put that one in the computer room. Today we brought home this HUGE gorgeous framed artwork-
Fantastic, huh??? We were also given this southwest collection also!
I can hardly believe my eyes when I go into my livingroom! What did we do to deserve all this beauty?
My talented hubby had to bend some pipe, and put it up against the wall for a new laminating machine that they just bought and had delivered while we were there this morning. We helped install this frame-cutting machine also...Click Here for that story.

Used for cutting all this molding that is absolutely gorgeous!
He has his own framing, matting and lamination workshop!!
William and Victoria Carr

They posed with my hubby!:)  The trucks had pulled in and delivered the laminator and plastic rolls...
And it was time to roll up our sleeves and work!
This is the beginning of the pipe- (put up for the wiring)
And it had to be run into another room reserved for this new laminator

It was pretty tricky getting that pipe around the door frame!
Here's all that wire getting thread through the pipes and sent into the next room
Here's the end result -and we were sooo happy the wire thread all the way through! (Yahooo!) I didn't get a good shot of the I took this one off-line:
The lovely lamination machine-used for sealing each one of the awesome prints!  Thank you to Bill and Victoria for asking us to come visit (and help set-up their workshop:) That was fun!

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Jenny said...

Sweet pictures!!!

Lamination machine, we need one of these at our school!