Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Karate Kid

I found a martial arts class yesterday...at a cute little dance studio. When I walked in the place, I found it to be so cute-that I signed my six year old up for Ti Quan Do and also...Hip Hop Dance for little boys! Then, I ran home to give him the news:)

StarWars was "jumping for joy" that I've realized he's now old enough now to take classes. When I explained that his first class was that night-he could barely make it through dinner time:) But seven p.m. came-and my hubby and I took him over to meet his teacher and new classmates. We lined him up and told him to listen carefully...and when he kept turning around to see us (instead of watching his teacher), we said goodbye and waited outside the classroom...hoping he'd pay better attention.

We heard a knocking on the window after about 20 minutes...so we ran back inside. Little Starwars was wailing his lungs out with worry that we were gone. But we calmed him down-and his daddy stood next to him to help the teacher out:) We're not too sure yet if this fun class will continue. Depends on if daddy wants to help out and assist his son with the next year of lessons!
Sorry this is so grainy from the cell-phone...but there's a window in time! 
*My baby is standing in the middle:)


Jenny said...

That is so awesome that is taking these classes. I am sure that as he gets to know the other students and the teacher he will settle in.

Love the new look of your blog!

RhondaLue said...

aww that's so cute! How exciting for him!!!

blogging and bliss~ said...

Hey Dolly I posted just for you!. Looks like Starwars was having so much fun.

kisses said...

I do really enjoy reading your blog. Hope he became a good martial artist... Antiques Malls

Cate_missy said...

I hope he became a good martial artist. Spiritual Retreats

kenjie said...

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kenjie said...

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Roger and LeAnn said...

Way sweet post. These kind of classes are good for them for sure.
I bet he will adjust.
Loved the picture - Hugs to you! LeAnn