Friday, July 9, 2010

Summer Fun

Since moving up here to the Salt Lake area, we have had so many awesome friends and family members drop in to see us at our new place! How incredible to have time with my brothers, their families and friends from my childhood too. Thank you Heavenly Father for bringing us together once more:)
My youngest brother brought his family two weeks ago-Here is a picture of his son and daughter playing with my youngest "Starwars":)
We had a super visit with his wife and kids

Here is my FIRST younger brother with his son
And his wife and three daughters
Then, after my brother left tonight, our old friends from Tulsa-came by to see us too! They live here in Utah now...up here in our neighborhood:)
We sat and talked till ten p.m-and didn't want the night to end!

Our sons sat and ate cake
And I was able to take pictures of their cute new baby with his grandma:) It has been a wonderful summer so far! (I still have a few more friends and family to see still...)



RhondaLue said...

YAY for good visits with friends and family!!! It sounds positively wonderful!

Cluttered Brain said...

YAY! I love visits with family and friends!!
Sounds like everyone had a blast!!

Jenny said...

Your keeping busy then with so much company.
The baby is so very cute.

blogging and bliss~ said...

Sorry Dolly I will get on it. I have almost finished... I will show you some before and afters... Love Ya.

Grand Pooba said...

Good company is always good fun!

Grand Pooba said...

(Yay for SLC!)

Amy said...

It's so fun to see pictures of your brothers! Wouldn't it be fun to have everyone together? I'm always missing those reunions! I hope you are enjoying your summer!!