Thursday, August 12, 2010

Words to Live By

As a child, I grew up with my mother sitting at a typewriter. She was an English teacher at the community college in Alaska. A few nights a week, my mom would go out and teach classes, while my siblings and I would spend the evening with my dad or a babysitter. I loved spending time with my dad, but the babysitters were tons of fun. I believe this schedule lasted until I was almost ten or eleven. Then, I became the babysitter for my five younger siblings (eventually eight younger).

Why would I want to tell you this? I'm not sure. I have been reading biographies and true stories all month though. As, I'm reading these books, I think to myself: "What would you say about YOUR self?". Who are you, Dolly? Inside, my brain knows exactly who I am. Putting it all down on paper(or a computer screen)-is another story. If I had known as a little girl- that I could write my own story out later, I would of had lots to say outloud...and I would of been surprised that I had the power to say anything I wanted. I know that my "typing teacher" would be stunned that I would later, enjoy typing up words every day. Not a care in the world as I type. i can use poor punctuation and spelling-and nobody cares:) Ha!

I read an article today, stating that blogs are boring and going out of style. I, personally, do not believe this to be true. I love reading about other people's lives and what makes them tick. It's fun to see how similar in life our talents or challenges may be. I like different styles of writing and the more descriptive-the better. Words to me, can be as addictive as food. I like the sounds and the feel as I write them out. I have flamboyant handwriting-with big curls and perfect angles.

Some words make me cringe, while others calm my soul like music. I can remember my mom saying that a person who refuses to capitalize the first letter in their name-has serious personality flaws (She's a perfectionist). I have a hard time now, allowing myself to text words without punctuation or capitalization. Funny, huh?

I just mentioned to my daughter, that I can write out words and whole sentences backwards. I grabbed some paper and wrote out her name with speed and accuracy. She was surprised and decided to practice this new trick herself. I've noticed also that she has her grandmother's love for writing out long lists. My little girl is very organized and skilled with lightening-speed color coding and category making columns. I like to be set-up with style...but nothing too restricting.

A list to me means MORE work. So, I run when I see a list... My world is free from heavy schedules, demanding chores, and endless non-sense. I like simple days with decorating and reading about other people's worlds. My children like this too. It JUST feels so good to be me these days.


Cheeseboy said...

Backwards sentences? That is some talent.

Roger and LeAnn said...

I too love reading about what others are doing and thinking. I loved your musings today. I hope blogs keep going. I love blogging. I think it is an awesome way to journal. I have a family blog; and a beginning history blog of my husband and I and two blogs of the histories of our parents. My Living Waters blog gives me a chance to write whatever I think about.
By the way check out my blog. I just posted a short movie clip of my 8 year old blind granddaughter playing the piano by ear. I also explained why she is blind and what a miracle baby she is.
Blessings to you! LeAnn

Jenny said...

I just gave up my list. The only thing I will write up a list for any more is the grocery store. Gotta, or I will spend more than I should.

Like you, I have been doing some personal reflecting. Who am I ? Do my children know me as Jenny or am I just mom? After all I am a person not just a mom.

I think that blogs are wonderful places to journal ideas, stories that connect others together during tough times.Best of all friendships.