Friday, October 29, 2010

All that JAZZ

 We had so much fun last night at the JAZZ game!!! 
{free tickets}Wahoo!!
This place reminds me of back home's-"Centrum" (homesick)
The retired jerseys of so many great players (Malone...hint!hint!) 
Andrei Kirilenko-aka. "Justin Bieber"

*Can't sing-but sure can play basketball...yeah!

"Purple Team"

Most limber and brave bear EVER! GO Jazz bear:)


I'm not hip to team sports-but these athletic team members kept my attention:)

We lost and were up WAY too late...but it was a fun party!!!


Cheeseboy said...

HOLY CRUD! I went to the game last night and honestly, I must have sat right by you! The seats were really in the exact same spot.

Too bad they got beaten and badly.

Dolly said...

I was sitting near Cheeseboy? {Man-I thought I could pick you out in a crowd anywhere!} My seat was in Row 22-chairs J & K. *If you saw a tiny Eskimo chick jumping up and down...that was me:) Now I need to see if you blogged about it too...

Jenny said...

Fun Fun Fun... looks like tons of fun. Glad you got to go.

Roger and LeAnn said...

Great pictures! it sounds so fun to go to a Jazz game. We did go to one a couple of years ago and it was very fun.
Blessings to you ! LeAnn