Saturday, October 16, 2010

My Top Favorite Past-Times

I loves pears-so my kitchen has LOTS of them
I'm a collector. I have certain things that make me happy and calm my initials-I collect letter D's. As I sit here in my dining room, I can see a few of my favorite things...I'm "GOOGLE-ing" the pictures so that I don't have to find my camera:)
My Grandma collected Ethan Allen furniture-and I inherited most of it:)
My sisters buy me teapots-so I love my tea pot collection
My Grandma collected nesting dolls-so I now collect these dolls also
I love flowers-so when I see silks...I buy them to arrange later
My mom had a Fenton Silver-Crest bowl in our kitchen-so I now do also in my hutch (lots!)
I owned a preschool for seven years-and still hang on to my favorite books & toys

I know this is I need to find other ways of feeling good about life. My kids will have so much to carry off when I die. But I suspect most of it will go off to the second hand store. Maybe my grand kids will enjoy these treasures also one day! Funny what a person can collect in one life time.

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