Friday, October 1, 2010

Nie Nie Dialoges

My friend, Val, invited me to hear Stephanie Nielson speak last night at the BYU Woman's Conference
My awesome friend-Val the photographer
(It was so amazing!)...I can hardly find the words to describe this speech. I was also in utter amazement that Val came to pick me up and drive us down to Provo:) She is truly an awesome friend from Southern Utah. We had quite an adventure getting into the ballroom itself. Here's the link to Stephanie's blog-
I could barely see Stephanie...but I was able to capture the moment on camera:

We felt lucky to squeeze in the room! 
We were in the "standing section"-but tried to sit on the floor in the aisle:
Next- we crouched down to allow the people behind us a view: 
You can see how far back we were!!
 The security asked everyone to move into "another room with sound"...
We slowly moved back into the ballroom:) and watched the slide show.
I was really touched by the very personal family pictures she used for her talk. Stephanie told her story of  surviving a near fatal plane crash with her husband, two of her children and family friend (the friend did end up dying on the way to the hospital). Stephanie was burned on eighty percent of her body. She explained that when the plane crashed and caught on fire-her memories include a very spiritual moment. She told the crowd-that she knows that God lives and knows each one of us. She said if you've ever wondered if He's out there...she personally testifies of His existence. She knows for sure-after this experience. She then went on to say she learned in the second grade to stop-drop-and-roll. So, when she caught on fire-she did these steps and kept on rolling...clear into the wheat fields:) The neighbors in the area, came to their rescue, and she spoke of being loaded into the ambulance. She reached up to touch her own face-and was shocked that she felt missing skin. The slide show picture, was her in a full body cast. She was in a coma for three months!

The next part of the story...I didn't get to hear. Security came in and moved the crowds {not in the ball-room}...into another room. Val and I walked back into the ball room to be closer after security left:) We were only able to see the last few slide show pictures. I heard Stephanie say that one of the most difficult moments was the day she saw her own children. They were all very nervous seeing each other again. Most of her relatives were told to say their goodbyes. She wasn't expected to live much longer, but she has continually gained strength each day-to the utter amazement  of everyone around her. The nurses let her husband (who had broken his back and also been burned) in everyday to hold her hand and help her heal. Some days, her heart-rate would get too high-as he spoke to her with love:) The nurses would have to send him back to bed, so that she could rest. She explained that those were the "hot and heavy" moments! -which made the audience laugh! I felt such amazement that I was standing in the same room with this angel. (What a complete blessing...thank you so much Val) Stephanie bore her testimony and we all realized that this had to be the best way to start our Conference Weekend! I was completely fed with a spiritual insight from this lady.


Amy said...

I love Stephanie's blog. I started reading the week of her plane crash. She truly has an amazing testimony!! I'm so glad you got to go!

Cheeseboy said...

I'd love to see her speak. She is amazing. You are lucky.

Jenny said...

How amazing for you to go hear her speak. I am so glad you shared this experience. She is truly amazing and doing a good work with her life now.

Roger and LeAnn said...

I loved her story and the great faith she has from this very hard trial. What a wonderful example she is to us all. I wish I could have seen her in person. Thanks for sharing the things that you learned from her.
Blessings to you! LeAnn