Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Good Fortune Cookies!

My hubby and I took our kids out for dinner at an Asian Buffet last night. We were all so happy to fill our tummies with noodles, shrimp and orange chicken:) After we all ate...the waitress brought the usual fortune cookies out with the bill. My kids were all smiles and we took turns reading them outloud. Here's the actual words and reason we had to laugh:

Hubby's: "You will step on the soil of many countries". Cool-we just were talking about coming home from picking up our missionary in Switzerland almost one year ago (January).

Mine: "You will soon receive help from an unexpected source". *Tonight this was actually true. I was out visiting teaching and my R.S. Prez kept us from being chased by a dog in the neighborhood:)

Nascar: "The strengths in your character will bring you serenity". We laughed because he has been an emotional wreck all week (Ornery), but the moment we fed him Chinese food:...he was calm and kind.

Chabs: "The respect of influential people will soon be yours". We smiled because she just got called into the Beehive-Young Women's class presidency.

Who knew these words could mean so much?
Starwars: This little six yr. old has just learned how to "sound-out" words, but still struggles to read the whole word quickly. His said, "Treat yourself to a good book for a needed rest and escape". That was funny! 

*Nascar uploaded some funny pictures to end this...his eye-ball:

He has gorgeous green hazel eyes (tired ones too)

And my "old tired eyes"...and yes I need my brows done soon:)


Jenny said...

One of my favorite things about working at the elementary school, is reading the children their fortune cookies. Some times I have to change it a tad so that they get it! LOL.... I love all that your shared all of yours.

Anonymous said...

"Treat yourself to a good book"... hmm... that sounds delightful right now in this cold weather! Hot coco and a story anyone?

Photo Crazy! said...

So fun! We need to go to din and get some fortune cookies and see if they are "true"/ BTW your eyes are beautiful too!

Roger and LeAnn said...

Dolly, thanks for the smile today. I loved this post. You do need to read a good Christmas novel; it is a tradition in my life. There are some really good ones out there; that are not lengthy; which is a problem sometimes when Christmas time is so busy.
Hugs and blessings to you! LeAnn