Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year-New Post

I've had an awesome holiday season with my kids and husband. Part of me will miss the sleeping-in till ten days, but the other part of me is SO happy to send the family off to work and school again! *Let the housework and blogging begin*

Through out the weeks of celebrating and shopping, my computer (lap-top) crashed and then died. There was a brief moment when a sign flashed up-saying that a virus was attacking it. We had Norton's anti-virus program downloaded, but this virus was a doozy. I finally just shut my lap-top down...and went to the library. My seventeen year old, has graciously allowed me to use his today... Thank you Nascar!

This morning, I dropped my cell phone in the kitchen sink-while doing dishes:( Talk talk talking-wet hands- propped on shoulder...plop! Now it's drying in a bowl of rice. So, I'm without direct communication with the outside world. Not too bad, but scary, if the school is trying to call me.

My old washing machine sounds like a jack-hammer when it spins out now. LOUD and annoying! I'm hiding if the neighbors start banging on my front door:)  Maybe I'll need to start using the laundry mat down at the front office. That is a big plus about living in a town-house.

Lot's of challenges for the month, but a really great excuse to put my feet up and watch T.V :) *I just know somethings going to happen to my little television next!!!


Jenny said...

They (challenges) certainly do not give us any time to rest!

Michelle said...

you have a great attitude! hope you get your computer back & your phone working!

Roger and LeAnn said...

You do know of course that challenges always come in threes so you should be ok for now.
What did we ever do without technology? I guess a few days without it is probably good for the soul. You have a great attitude and I have missed your thoughts.
Blessings to you! LeAnn

Grand Pooba said...

Why does everything seem to break at the same time???