Saturday, December 4, 2010

Twenty Secrets

I'm sharing twenty things in my life that you may not know about me: 

1. I am a survivor of Fetal Alcohol Syndrome (my Eskimo mother died of alcoholism when I was two yrs. old).

2. I love Sardines in the can with mustard! The best part of this tiny fish is the spine. I love to pull it out and chew it up-yum.

3. A song is always playing my head. My dad raised us to sing to an audience-and I have millions of songs that I hum everyday:) Drives my kids crazy.

4. I think of numbers as people and colors as places. As a child...I thought everyone did.

5. I'm missing two and a half vertebrae in my head turns on the muscles in my shoulders.

6. I went to beauty school when I was a junior in highschool in Alaska.

7. I received a scholarship to study Respiratory Therapy when I was 18 yrs. old in Tulsa, OK

8. I thought "my days were over" when I delivered my first son...he was over  9 lbs./22 inches long. I'm barely five feet tall. *He is now six feet seven inches.

9. I owned a preschool for seven years and we played in a little red school house:)

10. I want to live by the beach when my husband retires.

11. My Eskimo middle name use to be "Gay".

12. I have six younger brothers and two younger sisters.

13. I have the best daughter in-law in the whole world-and she's fun to talk with.

14. The first person I want to see when I die is my dad's mother...then my biological mother.

15. What do I hope to do in the next life? Turn my head-side to side. I want to run long distances also.

16. If I had all the money in the world...I'd make presents for people every day!

17. I'm freakishly addicted to Facebook:)

18. I've never had formal training in floral design...but I can create and copy ANY arrangement I see. *don't know how it happened-but my hands know what to do.

19. I'm afraid of ice on the roads when I drive long distances.

20. My sister, Sher' and I can say the next words to each other's sentences...and we wear the same color of clothing all the time. When we meet up at the store, relatives houses, or at church-we smile, point and start laughing!

*Go ahead...tell me something in your life that's a secret!


Jenny said...

I really enjoyed your twenty secrets.
Number 10. is what hubby & I want to do when we both retire. Since I grew up near the beach, I miss it living here in Utah.

Like you I don't like driving on icy roads at all.

The Lady Girl said...

i have freckles.

Roger and LeAnn said...

Dolly, I loved learning more about you. Your blog is a favorite.
One thing about me is that I hate driving on the freeway and always plan my trips so that it is not during rush hour. Utah drivers are the worst. I was a Hospice Home Health Nurse in Las Vegas, Nevada and I had to travel all over the city to visit my patients. The rings on my hands became miss shaped due to holding onto the steering wheel so hard.
Thanks, for sharing today.
Blessings to you! LeAnn

blogging and bliss~ said...

Dolly I need your new address to send you your card for Christmas. Just e-mail it to me Please....

blogging and bliss~ said...

Gigi and I spent years showing up to reunions with the same hair cut!

Photo Crazy! said...

So fun to read about you. I miss you in our ward! You are also the best teacher. Tanners favorite for sure. I know the Y.W. loved you too! I need to have you create a flower arrangement for my living room.