Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Newsletter 2010

I've avoided adding news about family, for quite a long time now. Guess this month would be appropriate to update you all on my kids and our routines. So much continues to happen here for us in Salt Lake. The long days and weeks have turned into another year.

My eldest son, 22,
is working for a food franchise down in Southern Utah-our old stomping grounds. He continues to take classes and study chemistry to become a pharmacist, and recently was given a native scholarship from Anchorage (enough to probably quit his full time job and slow down to study hard). Yesterday, he made his seventeen year old brother happy, by driving Nascar's tiny car back up here after a bad snow storm. We had gone down there for Thanksgiving and had to send Dad and son up in the jeep. When taking my return missionary son to the shuttle bus, he was watching the side road and yelled out, "Turn around Mom! That lady's car is stuck in the snow. I need to help her push her car out." I hadn't even noticed this buried car as I traveled down the street, and felt such amazement that my son is so much like his father-who also stops randomly to help stranded motorist:) Makes me cry thinking about their similarities.

Our Thanksgiving holiday was so wonderful, because of my second son, 20, and his fabulous wife. They generously offered to host the holiday meal and let us stay in a spare bedroom of their new house! They have three dogs (that I'm in love with-but allergic to). Each day and night, they routinely put the puppies outside or in the keep me from sneezing. They let us play games, watch t.v. and go shopping with them late at night (we did the Black Friday deals after midnight). We're impressed with their kindness, talents and fun humor! My heart just busts from happiness when I look back at the pictures we took in their home. We are also, so happy that this son's job as a manager at a favorite pizza place continues to help him grow.

Nascar, 17, earned his Eagle Scout award this year. He loves tennis, girls, driving his own car, and

dreaming of moving back to Southern Utah for his senior year in highschool. His older brothers continue to plot and scheme ways for him to move in with them. We are so impressed with his maturity, fantastic grades and plans to become an auto technician after his two year mission for the Lord, when he turns nineteen. Right now, Auto class is his all time favorite and every day he shares his new knowledge. When my driver's side mirror fell off my van yesterday, Nascar pulled out a little mirror from his first aid kit for me:) I duct-taped it on and he handed me some rubber-bands to hold it also-till I can get it really fixed. His mind is one step ahead in building and creating projects...and helping his mother. We are thrilled that he was recommended for Honors Physics in science at school, and know that he will excel at anything he puts his hard work into in life.

Chabs, 13, is my right-hand lady! She really steps up when I'm in need of a co-pilot at home. If chores or rooms need organizing-she's the person to handle the job. We had so much to move, when we lost our house

this year, and when my tired body was no longer able to go up and down stairs, empty storage-rooms, or load the moving truck...I had my energetic daughter to pick up when I left off. She struggled with starting middle school in a new city, but has come through with flying colors. We are so happy she found a new friend to talk to over the cell-phones, eat lunch with and visit back and forth after school. My prayers have been answered in that department also. It's a blessing also to have her serving as a leader in Young Women's at church. She gives me the heads-up on names and callings for our new ward. She knows that her memory skills are helpful when mine are on over-load.

Little six year old, Starwars, has made huge strides in his jump from kindergarten to a new school for first grade. He started karate this year, and loves finding new friends! He is truly a social-butterfly and nothing stops him from impressing his older siblings. He calls his brothers on their cell phones and gives them weekly updates on his fun times and discoveries. He still prays for our my cousin who lived with us for a few years,

and reminds us to send him news. When his teacher at school asked him how many siblings he has, he proudly told her four older brothers and one sister! He knows he has the best seat-in-the-house, as youngest. His weekly blog keeps reminding me that he is swiftly growing up-and I need to appreciate every moment with this little one.

My husband and I are so grateful to have our R.M. son back from Switzerland, have so many friends that took time to help us load and move our family, relatives who keep us updated on family news, and the list grows longer everyday. We LOVE our new area that we live in, the neighbors who sweep our porch, the drive thru lady who remembers my name, the school offices that check on my kids, and the electrical job my hubby has-that keeps our family healthy and happy. Life is so good! Thanks to my cousin, Amy who continually checks on my blog:) Thanks to my Aunt & Uncle who called and asked if we needed a place for the holidays. Thanks to so many wonderful friends over the social networking sights. You are the reason I feel connected with the world. I have purpose in life, with family and friends. It's so great to be ALIVE!!!!

Merry Christmas everyone!

Love, Dolly and Family


Jenny said...

I really enjoyed your Update/Christmas letter. I need to do is one of my secrets...many of members of my family and friends do not know about my blog. I debate each year wither or not to let them in on my passion for blogging. Fear of their opinions is what holds me back.

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Photo Crazy! said...

I also enjoyed reading your news letter. It seems like all your worries have turned to gold. Everything you touch really does. You are amazing!

Amanda Bush said...

love you dolly! Great to catch up with all your kids.