Thursday, February 24, 2011

Gifts of the Spirit

This post is for LeAnn over at Living Waters Blog. She's waiting for me to update with news:) I always go to bed thinking about my day...wondering why I haven't written something here for Hello Dolly. Life gets in the way sometimes. I have so much to say-with little time to write it all out. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

There is so much to tell you about working in the Relief Society Presidency. Everyday (except Monday nights...I have been either at a meeting or hitting the pavements knocking on doors. My RS President likes to do cold calls (which means that we don't set up an appointment). There are sisters who need help with meals, babysitting, missionary discussions, and just plain "someone to talk to". I have been so amazed with the kindness of so many families also.

When we drop-in on sisters to say hello, we are shaking hands, petting dogs, holding babies, and looking through family photos. I started off feeling super excited to meet and learn names, and then I was scared by the family dogs (chewing on my shoes), surprised by women who did not want to talk with us, and humbled by families with desperate daily needs. I knew that my calling would push me out of my comfort zone, and guide me into the world of service for others. I had asked Heavenly Father to trust me enough to help me, learn to live by the Spirit. The days of endless Face-booking and finding fun links for crafts, now starts off looking at our ward list after I get my own children off to school. How can I be of help to others?

My own sister, down in Southern Utah, had a serious infection (Ludwig's Angina) that started in her back molar months ago. When the doctor put her in the hospital, I began to realize that I needed to go down and see her-my very own sister. Her body would not let go of the poison in her system and the infection spread to her neck and shoulder. The airway was beginning to be blocked off by the swelling and her pain was out of this world. My parents were doing all that they could to help, but we all felt stunned that new symptoms appeared each day. She had rashes and thrush and then a yeast infection from all the antibiotics. Most of the medications had to be put in her I.V.-because she simply could not swallow. Five days of wondering why she could not get better. It was all up to Heavenly Father-on just when her moments of healing would begin. There was a feeling of helplessness and complete surrender to the Lord for peace and comfort.
My mom helping care for my sister
More news tomorrow night! I'm going to pause and share the rest of the story later. *Hugs*


Lisa Loo said...

Sounds like your plate is so full---praying for blessings sent in your direction!

Anonymous said...

you are gonan do a great job in the RS presidency!!!

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