Sunday, July 31, 2011

July News

I just realized that I only have a few minutes till the calender changes...and we leave behind the month of July. We've done SO much this month, I better update this blog before time slips away.

-My husband's father passed away last month...and I sent my Love back to Maine for the funeral (His older sweet sister paid for his ticket). Another younger sister helped us finance our son's wedding. We are none-too proud to say we have an amazing family relatives!

-My younger brother brought his family from Israel for a summer visit-awesome time:)

-Well, let me think. We had another reception for our newly-weds-July 16th

-Our third son returned home- after spending the summer down in Cedar City.

-My hubby started working again on the SLC LDS temple-electrical work.

-I'm back in the mix of serving with Relief Society Presidency. Kinda had the time off for July. It was so wonderful to spend so much time down in Southern Utah.

-My middle kids went to Youth Conference Camp up here in the Salt Lake area.

-I went to see my dear friend, Jen (who's husband just passed away this month). She lives in Idaho...but was down to see her father in-law in Provo area.

This month has been filled with tons of activities. I'm so grateful for the safety and good health my family has been kept in *Heavenly Father has truly sent his angels to watch over my busy family.
(It's been such a wonderful month:)


JennyLynn said...

It is nice to know what you have been up to these long summer days.

sorry for your husbands loss. Along with your friends loss.

Sounds like you are pretty busy these days. I know how that is. I took some time off from blogging in the month of july because I could not keep up.

LeAnn said...

Wow, you have had a very eventful summer. You need to take a deep breathe and rest more. It was fun to be updated on all that you have been doing. I think it is awesome that your husband is working in the temple.
Blessings to you!

Swiss100% with an American heart said...

Glad to be back on track, give your husband our best wishes and hope all will go good from now on....

Marci Coombs said...

What a darling family you have!!! Thanks for following my blog! I think we could be good friends :)