Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Loving life right now! My grand-daughters are getting so big:D We love it when they come up north and spend time with us. Very fun. Also-my son is doing great on his mission. He sent pictures and I will link it all here with this post.

My hubby and I celebrated our 26th Anniversary last week. We went out to dinner...and bought new cell phones. Oh, so romantic! (It's pretty cool joining the 21st century really).

Isn't this little girl a dream come true?!!
My sweet daughter in-law and her baby girl
My little love-bug looks JUST like her daddy
Hmmm. I'll just add a few pictures...
Here's my eldest son's baby picture...and his daughter is his carbon-copy!
Sweet cousins-Loving their time together
Cousins and Best Friends for life

Smiles for Grandpa!
So wonderful to watch my son be a great dad
Little Miss Sunshine looks just like her mommy!

I miss them everyday!!!

Such a little princess that we adore

This is beyond my wildest dreams of what LIFE is like as a grandma:D *Fabulous*


LeAnn said...

Yes, being a grandmother is fabulous. Your pictures are sweet and precious.
Loved this one and blessings to you all!

Jenny Lynn said...

It looks like you are enjoying being a grandma. They sure are cuties.