Monday, March 11, 2013

Connect3d to the World


Remember how I told you about getting a new cell phone for my anniversary? It's an IPhone 4...and I love it! I'm joining the 21st Century as I learn how to add "Apps" to my phone. Right now my favorite app is called myfitnesspal. I can scan in the bar-codes from food I eat all day or type in the name and it comes right up. I'm only five foot tall and so my calorie count is low to help my get back in shape. I can add the exercise too...and there's another app for that: mapmywalk. It's like a GPS system that shows how many miles I've walked and how many calories I've burned too. I can listen to my favorite music on Pandora...Donny Osmond, Duffy, Karen Carpenter. I can check my email, this blog, and even facebook:D I boogie like it's 1979 and the disco ball is flashing. Madonna is my go-to station for moving FAST.

Just heard from my son in the Philippines. Gotta go post his pictures! his letters.

More news soon! Till then, listen to Pandora people and put on your dancing shoes.


Jenny Lynn said...

All those apps sound amazing. I am so jealous right now. Because I am still living in the dark age with my simple cel phone. LOL...someday I will join you in the world of apps.

LeAnn said...

Isn't technology just awesome. It can be over used; but I like to have my emails right there so I can connect with family with family when needed.
This was a fun post and I will look forward to more from you.