Friday, September 19, 2014


Dear Friends,

I was on-line today changing the background on my might have noticed, and I decided to try and update my news here.

I helped my Aunt Cheryl with flowers at the State Fair. She told me to be there at six am. So I crawled out of bed, got myself downtown...then promptly got lost. I figured if I crossed back under the free-way I'd be kinda close to the fair. It was pitch black out and I found my way to 10th and North Temple. Nothing, I could not see anything resembling a fair. So, I stopped and asked the 7-11 cashier dude. He barely spoke English and played dumb. Arrrrr! My last sane moment, I called my hubby and bawled my eyes out, "I don't know where I am and I can't find the fair-grounds!!". He calmed me down, looked at a map and said, "Go down the street and turn left". Simple as that...and I was in THE parking lot. Hallelujah!!! I was ready to kiss the ground. I pulled up to the guard and told him I needed to help at the flower building. He asked if I knew where it was...and I said "Over there" randomly pointing down the street. He wasn't buying it and told me to wait in the parking lot. So much for being on time:( I called my Aunt and she didn't pick up, so I decided to go stand by the security dude and stare him down. He finally got annoyed and let me walk in. I wandered all over tarnation until I saw a little old man carrying flowers into a building. BINGO! The rest is history. I'll add pictures when I figure out how to add them with my iPhone. It was a long day:)

Our elder will be home in nine more Sundays! We are SO excited and can hardly wait to see the big changes in his life. 

I celebrated my 50th B-day a couple weeks ago. My hubby and kids decorated the house with all kinds of signs inside and out. They had lawn signs and a pinata hanging above the garage door. So very kind of them to share the big news with the neighbors. I had a pretty fun day...running around town cashing in on all my FREE lunches (Gardner Village) and iHop offered me pancakes:) We had sushi for dinner at Blue Fish...the Ecstasy-Roll is to die for. Food food food<3 div="">

My friend, Mary and I have been called to teach in Primary...and I LOVE IT!!! Totally the easiest job out there:) The little 4-5 year olds are adorable and I think Mary is hilarious. She cracks me up.

Okay- time to wrap this up. Maybe if you're good...I'll write some more later. Would you like that? See you soon people. Peace out!


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LeAnn said...

Aw w it is fun to see you again on your blog. I loved your story today. You are a very fun writer.
keep on sharing your experiences.
Blessings and hugs!