Friday, October 23, 2015

iPhone Catch-Up

Dear friends,

After a year long vacation of no blogging...I figured out how to add more news from my iPhone. I think my stories may increase even more once I figure out how to add pictures too. Let me see if I can add one from my phone...

Well, I have a new grandson (who's almost a year old). He lives in Texas with his family (my eldest)--we see lots of pictures & snapchat.
We are building a new house and hope to be in by Thanksgiving! Lots of details on that story coming up. Maybe Chabs can help me post pictures.
Okay, so...I have a lot to catch up on here. Also, Kath, if you're reading this...I can't read your blog. It was a one-time only access:(

More news soon!!


Brownie said...

Yay! You updated your blog. I am sorry you can't seem to get on my blog. I will send another invite... make sure you are signing in with the same email account that you sent to me.

Dolly said...

Maybe I need an invite sent to gmail?