Saturday, October 1, 2011

Lifestyle Change

There's a big change happening to me right now, and the is the reason for my new lifestyleRobyn Openshaw was here in Sandy a few weeks ago, (she lives in Provo-but travels) and I went to her free workshop. My daughter and I sat in a room with 300 people and listened to her story of becoming more healthy. She looks amaaazing! Just glowing.

The whole foods life approach makes me think of my Grandpa Gene in Alaska. He use to make us drink smoothies from a blender when I was little (like seven and eight yrs old). His smoothies had celery, apples and lettuce-not bad tasting. Good memories of that part of my childhood. I think that's why I'm so open to the idea now.

I no longer eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast or toast or other traditional foods. I wake up (on my own without an alarm clock)...and start throwing vegetables and fruit in my blender. I LOVE to eat spinach and kale with frozen fruit. Also bananas help bind the whole green/brown concoction together. If it's too bitter, than I use a little bit if agave sweetener.

WHY would I take such  drastic measure in my food intake? Well, things have changed for my body since 1993. Right after I delivered my third son...I had a gall stone attack. Two months later I had my gall bladder removed. Up until that time, I had a normal weight with NO meat and very little dairy. My ideal weight stayed at 110 lbs... in fact when I had surgery I weighed 98 pounds. I'm only five foot tall so this is the usual.  

After surgery, I discovered that I could eat meat and some milk without sickness and pain. The corn-dogs and hamburgers  became my happiness. By the time I had my fourth child-I was up to 120. When my hubby built a house next door to my parents (against my wishes) I wanted a new home, but I became rather depressed. I was grateful to have the help of family moving me into a new neighborhood, but all the changes freaked me out. I ate food to console myself and my weight gradually climbed up to 130.

My third son is now eighteen years old and my daughter is fourteen. My weight is SO out of control that it's climbed to 150-my end result pregnancy weight!!!! Aaaaaa:/

So this is why I'm taking drastic measures. I can feel a change coming. My nails are growing again and I'm happier with my days:) I have full faith that my next post will be awesome.


Myrnie said...

So happy for you!! I love smoothies, totally love them :)

Kelly said...

Good luck!! Can't wait to hear about your successes. *grin*

LeAnn said...

Wow, way to go! My daughter loves the green drinks and I find that her children are healthier than many of my other grandchildre. I too need to make a committment to get healthier and lose some of my weight. Because I am older it is harder; but I am graterful for your thoughts.
Blessings to you and keep enjoying the moments of your journey.

Christine, Switzerland said...

great blog ! love the colors !

Anonymous said...

You go girl!!! you can do it dolly!! i just know it!

Cluttered Brain said...

Any changes you care to post? lol. I'm looking forward to hearing the changes! You can DO IT dolly. U R AWESOME!