Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

UPDATE: I've been a faithful green-smoothie drinker now for a couple months...and I've lost 15 pounds! My clothes are loose, I sleep better, no more caffeine drinks, my blood pressure dropped, and I'm jumping for joy:D I have tried for YEARS to stop drinking diet drinks-always with no luck. When I went cold turkey with this new lifestyle, I had no more headaches to slow me down. My mood has been pretty even and I handle stress so much better.
My hubby's pretty impressed that I'm sticking with the whole nutritional and healthy food. He helps me pick out spinach and kale for our meals, and even drinks the smoothies with me in the morning. I'm completely sold on the fruits and veggies approach, and have to hold myself back from sounding too preachy to others now- when I hear their ailments. This IS the way to do it though folks-really!
I'm so grateful for my family! They support me and help me stay on track. We laugh at some of the crazy things I drag us into...health food stores, farmers markets, and even Walgreens looking for vitamins. My kids have thrown out all their Halloween candy (saving the chocolate for later) and watched my shopping habits during the weeks. We keep carrots and celery handy and nuts for my midnight snacks. We are about to travel down South for the holidays, and my kids are thinking of what great deals we can get for Black Friday *I've asked for a juicer for Christmas. I really can't see myself reverting back to processed food and pop again. This is so important to me now. Thanks for asking for an update on my life everyone. I'm doing great!
 Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!


Myrnie said...

Yay you!! Favorite blends???

LeAnn said...

Wow,I am really impressed with your change in eating. If you have some good veggie and fruit smoothies share them.
I so need to do this. I have one daughter that is good at doing the healthier eating with her family and they don't get sick as often as some of my other children's families.
Hope you have had an awesome Thanksgiving Day and blessings to you.

JennyLynn said...

you are such a good example for me to follow. I need to start right away.

Keep up the good work.

Cluttered Brain said...

You are awesome Dolly. Hmm whats in your green smoothies anyway? maybe I should try them...

Dolly said...

Thanks ladies!
Smoothies: bananas, fruit, kale and spinach. You can add anything else you love-nuts, yogurt, coconut. I love these options too:)