Saturday, December 3, 2011

Trust in Christ

Tomorrow, I'm teaching the Relief Society lesson in church. The theme is Trusting in Christ, and I've decided to write down my thoughts here before I stand up in class. I'll be sharing a video:

 This new manual has wonderful examples, of how Christ called upon the women he knew in his life- to help teach and bless the lives of families. Elder James E. Talmadge has told us that, "The world's greatest champion of women and womanhood is Jesus the Christ".

 We can read about how Martha and her sister, Mary were called to discipleship in the New Testament chapters. Luke Chapter Ten, tells us about how Martha opened her home to Christ and took care of him. Mary sat at his feet and learned all that she could about the gospel. These women were given the callings to participate in Christ's mortal ministry.

 Many other women and their families also came forward to help the Lord with food, shelter and service. They were asked by the Savior to teach their young daughters about becoming good wives and mothers. We are told in the scriptures that a seamstress named Tabitha, made clothing for the her village. When she suddenly died, Peter was brought in to witness her bodies death. He knelt and prayed for her spirit to return to her body. In Acts we read that Tabitha was restored to her body, sat up and looked into Peter's face.

What a wonderful miracle to behold during Christ's ministry. What an amazing blessing in our day and age to have prophets lead and guide us with the restoration of the gospel. We have been blessed to have an organization called Relief Society-where we can help and serve one another. We have the amazing examples of the women we read about in the scriptures, to help us understand that we carry on in His work.

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LeAnn said...

I loved your thoughts and the video. I have such a testimony of the Woman who have served the Lord and feel so blessed to have my moments to serve, also.
Thanks for your thoughts and blessings to you!