Thursday, January 12, 2012

Insomia vs. Insanity

I need to say hello and maybe let you know I'm alive, right? Hello. I'm alive and kicking in the year 2012. My kids are happy, healthy and growing like weeds. So, can't complain.

It's almost midnight, and my brain says to me-"Nope! You're not sleeping tonight. You, Doll-Face have WAY too much work tomorrow to let your dreams come floating in. Let's think about the hour of driving kids to school in the morning. Not just one school...three. You can't just wear your nightgown and sweats in the car either. What if a cop pulls ya over? Get up, get dressed and brush your hair".

My brain also reminds me that I have to have my apartment inspected tomorrow. Yeah-the front office put a bossy little note on my door yesterday: Wells Fargo will be dropping by to do their once a year inspection. Your apartment was the lucky winner! Great-I gotta vacuum in the morning too. Maybe the trash needs to go out sometime before they get here.

I need to drop my car off at the Chevy dealership by eleven a.m. The headlights have not been coming on lately. Pitch black outside, and no headlights. I was forced to use my blinker coming home from Smiths grocery store. Embarrassing.

Flowers need to be delivered. Hope they're still alive down there in the basement. It's cold enough to keep a bear hibernating, and an eighteen yr old hidden away playing WAR GAMES. I think the carnations will make it down there a few more hours. Tie a bow on your finger and remember your sweet friends flowers need to be delivered to the funeral by noon.

What more is there to ponder? Relief Society meetings, activities committee ideas, scouting, parent teacher conferences, and Martin Luther Kings Day. The list gets longer and longer. Man, I'm tired. Can't. keep. my. eyes. open....s;sljds@$$%^0(*&&...
now I'm ready to sleep. Zzzzzzz. Night.


LeAnn said...

I enjoyed your update. I know what it feels like to have so much to do for the next day; you can't sleep. Hope you got some sleep you had a busy morning. Blessings to you and I always enjoy reading your thoughts.

Mikki said...

I said hello, dolly,......well, hello, dolly
It's so nice to have you back where you belong
You're lookin' swell, dolly.......i can tell, dolly.....

Ok, sorry. It just popped into my head. Don't know why. :)

How have you been girl? I see your fabulous facebook status' go up, (they're always awesome btw); but never really know what you're doing these days.
Well, from this post I can tell you're keeping yourself SUPER busy. Hope all is well with you!

Mom of 12 said...

Fun post! Isn't it about time to write another one?