Friday, April 20, 2012

Running Like Crazy

I know what your thinking..."Where the heck have you been Dolly?". Believe me friends, life has been a roller-coaster for the first half of this year. I celebrated my 25th anniversary with my good hubby in February. In eldest son and his lovely wife announced their pregnancy:) Here it is April now, and my second son and his wife announced their pregnancy!  We just feel double-blessed this year and so grateful for Heavenly Father's watchful care.

Our eldest son and his wife are expecting in October!!!
Our second son and HIS wife are expecting in November! Awesome, huh?

Niece's Wedding:

Last month, my hubby and I flew down to Arizona for my nieces wedding. I was asked to do the bridal parties flowers in fresh and silk...and it turned out fabulous. She was happy and I was happy--->wonderful trip! 

Daughter's Surgery:

My daughter had oral surgery on a tumor at the end of February. I had taken her to the dentist (thinking she would need a tooth pulled because of an abscess, but the doctor said, "This looks like some kind of tumor-maybe cancerous. Not sure". He sent us to the surgeon...and a week later-we drove out Sugarhouse and then Taylorsville for surgery. Chabs had to have anesthetic in her arm. I was not sure how she'd handle all that (she's only 14, but looks much older). I was jumping for joy when she walked in the backroom, let the nurse give her an I.V. and drifted off to sleep. Thank you Heavenly Father for sending me strong angels. Really-this was half the battle. Then... I had to take my sleeping giant (She's six feet tall) home with a cast in her mouth. No joke-I thought it would fall out the next day. That puppy stayed in for a whole week! Then we made two more visits and got the lab reports back...not cancerous. *Hallelujah*Thank you to all the people who sent gifts (Morgan, my family and my hubby's family) THANK YOU
We had the same surgeon that did Nascar's wisdom teeth removal
We are SO glad that the tumor is gone now!!!

Chabs is taller than the nurse walking her out after surgery

This is the cast the surgeon put in her mouth

Letting the anesthetics wear off

Thank you YW leaders for bringing this basket:)

Thank you Grandma and Gramps for the flowers and phonecalls

Temple Work:
Portland Oregon Temple

My husband works for Cache Valley Electric...and is one of the many workers in the SLC LDS Temple. He also travels to other temples to work on site. The past few months he's been to the LA Temple and the Portland, Oregon Temple. We have had huge blessings from his dedication and hard work. I'm so glad he's been able to handle the late night schedules and early morning traveling. Now that he's home for awhile...he sleeps during the day and then jumps up and runs after the kids and I are done eating dinner. It's a miracle if we get to spend time together during the week. Things should slow down this summer...fingers crossed.

Starwars Birthday:

Yesterday was my babies eight birthday! Little Starwars is moving on up in this big world. We let him choose two friends to take to Boondocks Amusement Park...and boy! Did we have fun:D

What else has been going on? Well...Nascar is going to graduate next month from High school. Time is just flying by!

My third son is growing up...and is handsome like his dad.

We also survived moving into a new place while my hubby was traveling. Life is on a fast-pace roll for us...and we are so HAPPY to experience all of these miracles.

More news soon...stay tuned:D


LeAnn said...

Welcome back Dolly; I have missed you. loved your update. You have had some busy months. I am so thrilled you are getting two grandbabies; that is awesome. You will have so much fun. I am happy your daughter's oral surgery went well; I know how scary that can be. The wedding flowers were beautiful. I will look forward to more updates or thoughts from you.

Grand Pooba said...

WOW two babies on the way?? That's awesome!

Grand Pooba said...

Ok, just stopping by to let you know I'm having a giveaway for free digital scrapbooking software so you have to come enter!

James and Angela said...

You are BUSY! So much fun that you are having two grandbabies. :) Hopefully you will be able to spend some down time with your husband this summer.